Marcus Sever

Financial Advisor

Mr. Sever was born on 04.09.1989 in Zagreb, Croatia. He has a wealth of experience in the financial services industry and is renowned for his ability to solve issues and for his financial planning and strategy. He graduated from Roma University with a bachelor’s in accounting and from the European School of Banking Management in Milan with a master’s in finance-accounting. Marcus has performed financial analysis on data that has been created and reported in SAP. He has two years of experience working with the ABC Studios programmer accounting team and accounting for the shows they create for the company, including any revenue sharing at Kering Group. He conducted research on potential investment options at Dollar Tree, where he worked from 2016 to 2018. He then made recommendations to the company’s executives. He accomplished this by basing his success on data analysis and research. Since 2018, he has managed investments, capital, renovations, contract negotiations and writing, as well as asset plans, at Meteorius. He supports the creation of investment recommendations by doing market research, valuation analysis, and benchmarks studies. Marcus considers circumstances attentively, is aware of how people behave, deciphers what they are saying, and then comes up with a well-considered and wise response.







Bachelor in Accounting

Università di Roma La Sapienza | 2007-2011


Master in Finance-Accounting

European School of Banking Management in Milan | 2011-2014



Kering Group

Worked with ABC Studios program accounting team and accounting for shows that they develop for the company. | 2014-2016


Dollar Tree, Rome

At Dollar Tree he researched and recommend various investment opportunities to the company and its executives. He did by basing his performance in research and data analysis. | 2016-2018



Works managing investments, capital, renovation, contract negotiation and drafting, asset plans. He assists in developing investment recommendations including benchmarking analysis, valuation analysis, and industry research.