How do we protect your data

To protect the security of its customers’ finances and personal information, every essential measure is taken. The highest levels of computer security are used by us, and the best banks are used to store customer funds. To make sure you have all you need to become a long-term legal trader or investor with sound training, we provide a variety of courses and trading tools. One of our key goals is to encourage financial literacy. Our courses make it easier to enter the world of online trading, and our free account will give you the best protection while you trade.

We use the highest levels of data encryption on our websites and Applications.

Our expert team is always ready to answer any questions about irregular activities in online payments. 

We keep Meteorius portal safe and under control by executing your transactions as fast as possible.

Automation email confirmation for password changes on your account.

For any updates or requests for personal data information changes, we will verify that request before taking any action.

Legal Documents

Meteorius, a brand of Titanext Group KFT, understands the significance of abiding by all laws, rules, and legal regulations as well as all company policies. It promises to adhere to its regulations with rigorous managerial discipline and excellent controls. We must adhere to high financial standards, including capital adequacy and control requirements, as a regulated organization. We take pride in having a culture focused on rules and following the law.